Gowan Avenue

Our clients took the opportunity to buy their neighbour's house when it came up for sale - hence the task was to unify the two properties. On the first floor the master suite was spread across the two houses to make use of the best rooms whilst at ground floor level a large unified space was created at the back for the kitchen, dining and relaxing areas. The brief stipulated that it should be possible, if required, to re-separate the houses which necessitated the retention of some of the central structure.

A virtue was made of this by creating a snug area to disguise the retained steelwork, with a glass bay where it is possible to be inside but feel almost as if sitting in the garden. Outside, the form of the roofs allows south light into the main space but also reflects the previous life of the building as two houses. The brick and render of the existing houses are used for the extension but the brick is detailed to indicate that the new walls are cavity construction rather than the solid wall of the original construction.